Anatomy Of A Cannes Contender: British Airways’ Magic Posters That Point At Planes

In an industry dominated by price comparison, we wanted to create something truly engaging to remind us all how magical flying really is.

Sitting out in the garden one day, I realized that the reason my two young daughters stopped whatever it was that they were doing and gazed up into the sky pointing whenever a plane flew overhead, was because they were filled with wonder and amazement. To them, planes were magical.

One of Arthur C Clarke’s most famous quotes that gets used fairly regularly these days sprung to mind: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” In my children’s eyes, planes were something they didn’t understand. In their eyes, they may as well have been dragons or flying unicorns. Magical. All we needed to do was to remind everyone else of that and take them back to that magical moment when they first flew.

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Believe it or not, this was embroidered frame by frame. You can even get one of the frames if you want it.


Multinational Typeface

Much has been written and said about the needs of our global economy. In fact: heated debates have and are still taking place about the dichotomy of global vs. local.

Here’s a take from Leong Darren Abriel designer from London and LP Fabra collective from Singapore on it all: when you set up a new hub to work with the rest of the world, it kind of makes sense to install a multinational team to do so. Not just a local setup running a global account, but a team that has got a clue about the world out there. They did just that and they invented a design tool to brand this team to communicate their mindset and vision - the world’s first multinational typeface.
We love the idea of making an multinational typeface to get to the power of each country and to underline the patriotism in everyone of us. Enjoy it!

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Super clever idea. Love the outcome!